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  • SATIVA CBD : A Cannabis Sativa whole plant extract from CO2 extraction, this offers the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phenols. This extract contains not only 14% CBD, but also other cannabinoids, primarily CBC, CBG and CBN. The most frequently occurring terpenes this CBD extract are myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, terpinols, linalool, alpha-pinenes, beta-pinenes, trans-alpha-bergamots and alpha-humulene.
  • INDICA DOMINANT CBD : Pure organic High Concentration CBD paste with at least 16% Cannabidiol. Made from the flowers of  a female Cannabis Hybrid, this strain of Cannabis has been grown on a family plantation in Holland for over 20 years in a fully organic way.
  • FULL SPECTRUM CBD : A combination of both our Sativa and Indica Dominant whole plant extracts, giving customers the full range of our Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids and Phenols and allowing more chance of the “Entourage Effect”.


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This CBD oil is the best i have ever used! It's amazing i have only been using it a few days and already noticed a massive improvement in my pain (i have fibromyalgia). It's excellent value i would recommend and will definitely be buying more.

Beverdoher Ebay, 20/08/17

I have the balm and it's great, it soaks into my hands overnight and they are so soft and rejuvenated in the morning. I use it on my knees, elbows even face. I thought it might be too much for my face but i have used it overnight a few times now and it's been fine, no spots. Highly recommend.

Sandra Palmer Facebook 18/08/17

I ordered the full spectrum cbd spray mainly to help with pain anxiety and panic attacks for myself and my daughter , thought it was worth a shot tried everything else , its herbal what better way instead of prescription drugs!!! well to start with i ordered it one day it came within two days first class signed for perfect! and i can not tell you just how much this has helped my daughter shes relaxed not zoned out or panic since shes been on it shes slept great its only been 3 days and the improvement already is amazing thank you so much cannasseursuk thoroughly recommend these guys and also really helpful too!!! thanks guys :)

Debs Wright Facebook